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GTAオンライン(GTA5) : Rockstar Gamesに紹介された経歴を持つ熟練パイロット集団クルー『PC Pilots』が送る見事なPK(プレイヤーキル)クルーモンタージュ "Pilot Nation"

ヘリコプターや戦闘機を自由自在に操るプレイヤーキルクリップ集、"Helicopter Montage"でお馴染みのパイロットH8mExがPC版の映像制作機能ロックスターエディターを用いて作成。

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Amazing Jet and Helicopter kills aren't the only thing we can do. We were creative in this and even destroy helicopters with submarines, cars, non combat vehicles. Shoot people on ground while beeing on an airplane and much more! We have been working on this project for a long time.

Our main objective was to create a GTA 5 Montage of a type that hasn't been done before. We would like to push the community and created something that is new to GTA. This style is pretty similiar to a Battlefield Montage. We took everything we got to not only get skilled but also very creative kills that can be funny as well.

We always tried to be as fair as possible to get those clips. Most of the clips were against players who tried to grief in freemodes. Especially the people with Insurgents and Rhinos (Tanks).

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