GTA 5 Online - "RARE CAR LOCATION #4" Dewbauchee Rapid GT! (GTA 5 Tips & Tricks)

GTAオンライン(/GTA5) : DLC「ローライダーズアップデート Part2(ローライダーズ:カスタムクラシックス)」パッチ1.33配信後対応、レア車両「デュボーシー ラピッドGT.スポーツカー(カスタム済み)」の入手方法と出現場所、海外プレイヤー"Jester's Gaming Vids"による解説動画。




Hi Everyone & Welcome to Today's GTA 5 Online Vid! In this vid i'll show you a car i stumbled upon, it turns out this car is already customized half way.

Go to my location, west Vinewood in a parking lot down the street from Eclipse Towers.

Sadly you cannot keep nor customize it any further.

What makes this car rare is it's a high-end car half way built and it spawns extremely rarely online!

Hope you enjoyed this vid and like always thanks for watching!

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・「デュボーシー ラピッドGT(カスタム済み)」の出現場所