Fastest Vehicles By Class (2016) - Top Speeds Of Fully Upgraded Cars In GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto V(GTA5/GTAオンライン/グラセフ5) : 最新DLC「スタントライダーズアップデート/Part2/Part3/Part4」(パッチ1.35/バージョン1.15)配信後、現在の自動車(乗り物)全種類で各クラスのトップスピード(最高速度)最速/最強は?レース熟練者"Broughy1322"の検証映像。

- 各クラスのレース最強(前編)はこちらから
- 各クラスのレース最強(後編)はこちらから
- 自動車の最高速度TOP10はこちらから
- レース最強の自動車TOP10はこちらから


・「ディンカ ブリスタ」&「ウィニー イッシー」158.0km/h(コンパクトカー1位)


・「デクラス ギャングブリート」170.0km/h(バン1位)

・「ヴァピッド コンテンダー」175.5km/h(SUV1位)

・「エナス ウィンザー」190.0km/h(クーペ1位)

・「コイル ブロウラー」190.0km/h(オフロードカー1位)

・「ベネファクター シャフターV12(装甲)」199.0km/h(セダン1位)

・「ベネファクター シャフターV12」199.5km/h(スポーツカー1位)

・「ヴァピッド ピスワッサードミネーター」200.5km/h(マッスルカー1位)

・「トリュファード Zタイプ」203.0km/h(クラシックスポーツ/クラシックカー1位)

・「シッツ ハクチョウ」211.0km/h(バイク1位)


・「フィスター 811」213.0km/h(スーパーカー1位)

- 各クラスのレース最強(前編)はこちらから
- 各クラスのレース最強(後編)はこちらから
- 自動車の最高速度TOP10はこちらから
- レース最強の自動車TOP10はこちらから

Broughy's Car Speed / Lap Times Google Doc


Fastest Vehicles By Class (2016) in GTA 5, showing a countdown of the top speeds of upgraded land vehicles measured accurately.
More info can be found below, but also check out circuit/lap time testing of every vehicle here:

RE-7B Bug Video:


How Top Speed Values Were Calculated Accurately

Speed = Distance ÷ Time

- Speed is what we're looking for.
- Distance is exactly 0.2 miles, measured in the content creator from the first checkpoint to the second.
- Time is how long it takes each car to hit the second checkpoint after hitting the first.

Five testing runs were done with each car, keeping as straight a line as possible between the two checkpoints. This section of road was chosen due to it being one of the most flat, straight, and smooth sections of road in the game. All of this ensures the cars are going at their actual top speed throughout the course of travelling between the two checkpoints.

The footage for all five runs was then added into video editing software and analysis was carried out to find, to the frame (1/30th of a second), how long each car took to hit the second checkpoint after hitting the first for each run. The maximum variance in all results for any car was 2 frames (which leads to a maximum standard deviation of 0.25 mph), but the majority were identical. All of these times were then averaged to get a single value for time taken to traverse the distance for each car.

These times and distances were plugged into the standard equation to find the speed of each car, and that value was then rounded to the nearest 0.5 mph (km/h values were also rounded to the nearest 0.5). This was done because that's what I feel comfortable with reporting, given the variability in testing error, taking averages, distance covered, and frame rate considerations. To attempt to be any more accurate than that is an exercise in futility using this method and would only serve to report what could be incorrect conclusions.

Example (Vacca)
Run 1: 6.000s | Run 2: 6.000s | Run 3: 5.967s | Run 4: 6.000s | Run 5: 6.000s
Average time taken = (6 + 6 + 5.967 + 6 + 6) ÷ 5 = 5.993 seconds
Distance ÷ Time = 0.2 miles ÷ 5.993 seconds = 0.03337 miles per second
60 x 0.03337 miles per second = 2.00220 miles per minute
60 x 2.00220 miles per minute = 120.132 miles per hour
120.132 miles per hour rounded to the nearest 0.5 mph = 120 mph

One thing to point out is that there are a lot of variables when it comes to top speed in GTA Online which could lead to different (and higher) top speeds in various circumstances. This testing has been done to minimise those variables as much as possible and make it repeatable/verifiable. Anybody should be able to repeat this testing on the same track and find the same results. However individuals may find different results if they're testing in a different way, such as going uphill or downhill, taking advantage of kerb boosting (see here:, racing against others, using mods or single player abilities, and even using the left stick too much to correct the steering whilst trying to keep in a straight line. I am simply reporting the actual top speeds of these cars when fully upgraded, on a flat road with no external factors and identical testing methods. All tests were carried out on PS4.

If you do find the series helpful, entertaining, or want to be kept up to date on any car performance changes as GTA Online develops please do subscribe, like, comment and share. Thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you on a future video soon :)


 ・ 他の「DLC/アップデート」情報はこちらから

 ・ 「流出/リーク」最新情報はこちらから

PlayStation 4 ジェット・ブラック (CUH-1200AB01)
PlayStation 4 ジェット・ブラック (CUH-1200AB01)

グランド・セフト・オートV 【CEROレーティング「Z」】 (「特典」タイガーシャークマネーカード(「GTAオンライン」マネー$20万)DLCのプロダクトコード 同梱)
グランド・セフト・オートV 【CEROレーティング「Z」】 (「特典」タイガーシャークマネーカード(「GTAオンライン」マネー$20万)DLCのプロダクトコード 同梱)

PlayStation 4 アンチャーテッド リミテッドエディション 【限定】武器カスタムスキン「雪原用武器」が入手できるプロダクトコード付
PlayStation 4 アンチャーテッド リミテッドエディション 【限定】武器カスタムスキン「雪原用武器」が入手できるプロダクトコード付