Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 Trailer 2016 Trailer PC, PS4, Xbox One (Fan Made)

オープンワールドゲーム『Grand Theft Auto V(GTA5)』で作成した未発表の続編レースゲーム『ニードフォースピード モストウォンテッド2』のファンメイド・トレイラー。

Grand Theft Speed』や『Grand Theft Auto VI Fan Made Trailer』でお馴染みの映像制作者"RavenwestR1"が作成。


The next Need For Speed franchise is set as the return of the legends from 2005 Need For Speed Most Wanted. The 'Player', Razor and Cross is back with their new, upgraded, even more fancier than the old one!

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So here it is! Another fan made trailer of NFS Most Wanted 2005!
This video took me almost 2 weeks to create which more than I thought at first. Sorry if the near ending scene is a bit silly! Hope you still enjoy it tho!

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Actual game : Grand Theft Auto 5 PC

Mods ::

R☆hancer Photorealism Mod Revision 3.0 by xilandro

AwesomekilsCfg's (Only the ENB)

Simple Trainer by Sjaak

Open Camera (limitless camera distance) by OpenIV

Map Editor by Guadmaz

Sceen Director by elsewhat

BMW M4 Liberty Walk by DonFelipé

2015 Mustang GT

Merc C63 AMG by p43lkin

C7 Police Corvette by Rasputin&BizzieZX10R

Lamborghini Huracan by AItGamers

2016 Subaru BRZ STi Concept by Tonebee_DTD

Toyota Supra JZA80 by AlexHIT

2015 Dodge Charger Police by KAMELKFB

Police Crown Victoria

Police Chevy Tahoe by MultiTOmtom98


・海外プレイヤー"ABILFLORIDA ARTS"が『GTA5』で『ニード・フォー・スピード アンダーカバー』のトレイラーをリメイク。

・国内プレイヤー"bonbar DRIFT"氏作成のドリフト映画「シュワルツァーの軌跡」

 関連記事: 【GTA5】映画『ワイルドスピード』登場車種再現カスタム一覧

 ・ 他の「ロックスターエディター」作品はこちらから