Fan Art: by W_Flemming - Grotti Girl Stinger


From the collection of prolific GTA fandom artist W_Flemming aka AdLib_WF. This time, a continuation of her 'Racing Girl' series - a commission done for fellow player Getsupercharged aka @JenniceKahn – a racer who fancies herself a “Grotti spokesperson” in the mold of Steve McQueen.


See lots more detail on W. Flemming’s Behance page: 

Fan Art: By iitz.dope: A Collection

Melding clever use of perspective with killer Photoshop abilities, iitz.dope channels a surrealist spirit to create these mind-bending images. An extensive collection that tows the line between Snapmatics and fan artwork, iitz.dope uses the iFruit phone as a framing device to extend vistas and objects out of the world, creating an incredible sense of depth in the process. We've collected some of our favorites above and below. (Source: iitz.dope on Twitter)



Snapmatic - Strike! By Notorious Mercs

Put me in coach, I'm ready to slay! NotoriousMercs takes practice swings following some home plate donuts in a Corkers-emblazoned Debauchee Specter Custom. Going the whole nine (innings) with team spirit, Notorious decked himself out in matching jersey and baseball cap. (Source: Notorious Mercs on Twitter)

Snapmatics - CassyKathy - Import | Export

Seasoned Snapmatic photographer cassy1213 takes the Progen Itali GTB for a night-time prowl on the rain-soaked streets of Los Santos. (Source: @CassyKathy on Twitter)

Snapmatic - Vehicle Vendetta by Grave Squad


"Picture timing goals . I mean look at those missiles. Vehicle Vendetta is amazing for money ”. 

A perfectly timed shot by one of the best GTA photography channels on Instagram @grave_squad.

Don’t forget, this week’s brand new Vehicle Vendetta mode is paying out Double GTA$ & Double RP all the way through January 17.



グランド・セフト・オートV 【CEROレーティング「Z」】 (「特典」タイガーシャークマネーカード(「GTAオンライン」マネー$20万)DLCのプロダクトコード 同梱)
グランド・セフト・オートV 【CEROレーティング「Z」】 (「特典」タイガーシャークマネーカード(「GTAオンライン」マネー$20万)DLCのプロダクトコード 同梱)