Top 5 GTA Online DLCs We MUST HAVE! (Episode #101)

Grand Theft Auto V(GTA5/GTAV/GTAオンライン/グラセフ5) : DLC「「2017年ハロウィンアップデート」配信後、今後の『GTA5』&『GTAオンライン』に望む5つの無料アップデート(無料DLC)、海外プレイヤー"Silentc0re"による発表動画。




追加コンテンツ:「タクシー運転手」ミッションをはじめ旧作『GTASA』に存在した「救急隊」, 「消防隊」, 「貨物列車」ミッションを実装




・「強盗アップデート Part2」






GTA Online: How much did the Updates change the game?

If you're playing GTA Online since its beginning in October 2013, you know how it changed. There's so much more contents, activities and features now, it's almost unbelievable. I think it's important to realise how it changed, so I put together a list of all the Content Updates we received so far, in chronological order, with a list of everything they added.

The Beach Bum Update - November 19, 2013
The first ever Content Update of GTA Online.
4 vehicles: BF Bifta, Kalahari, Paradise, Speeder.
2 weapons: Broken Bottle, SNS Pistol.

Content Creator - December 10, 2013
This Update simply added the now famous Content Creator into GTA Online.

Capture - December 18, 2013
A new gamemode is added into the game with this Update: Capture. No other content was added with it.

Holiday Gifts - December 24, 2013
This temporary Update added some Christmas-themed clothing. Snow was added to GTA Online for 1 day, on Christmas day. The clothing items were removed on January 5, 2014.

The Valentine's Day Massacre Special - February 13, 2014
Time-limited Update. The players kept what they bought, but the items were no longer in the stores.
1 vehicle: Roosevelt
1 weapon: Gusenberg Sweeper

The Business Update - March 4, 2014
4 vehicles: Alpha, Jester, Turismo R, Vestra.
2 weapons: Heavy Pistol, Special Carbine.

Capture Creator - April 8, 2014
This Update added the Capture mode into the Content Creator.

The High Life Update - May 13, 2014
This Update added new apartments, as well as:
4 vehicles: Huntley S, Massacro, Zentorno, Thrust.
1 weapon: Bullpup Rifle.

The I'm Not a Hipster Update - June 17, 2014
Surprise Update.
7 vehicles: Pigalle, Blade, Rhapsody, Warrener, Glendale, Panto, Dubsta 6x6.
2 weapons: Vintage Pistol, Antique Cavalry Dagger.

The Independence Day Special - July 1, 2014
Time-Limited Update.
2 vehicles: Liberator, Sovereign.
2 weapons: Musket, Firework Launcher.

The San Andreas Flight School Update - August 19, 2014
This Update added the Flight School into GTA Online.
4 vehicles: Coquette Classic, Swift, Besra, Miljet.

The Last Team Standing Update - October 2, 2014
The Last Team Standing gamemode was added to the Creator.
3 vehicles: Furore GT, Hakuchou, Innovation.
2 weapons: Marksman Rifle, Heavy Shotgun.

Festive Surprise - December 18, 2014
4 vehicles: Rat-Truck, Slamvan, Massacro RaceCar, Jester RaceCar.
2 weapons: Proximity Mines, Homing Launcher.

The Heists Update - March 10, 2015
This Update added the long-awaited Heists, as well as the now famous Adversary Modes.
15 vehicles: Gang Burrito, Kuruma, Kuruma Armored, Guardian, Casco, Insurgent Pick-Up, Insurgent, Karin Technical, Mule Armored, Enduro, Lectro, Valkyrie, Savage, Velum 5-Seater, Hydra.
1 weapon: Flare Gun.

Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 - June 10, 2015
6 vehicles: Osiris, Windsor, Virgo, Stirling GT, Gold Luxor, Gold Swift.
1 weapon: Combat PDW.

Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 - July 8, 2015
This is the last Update that players on PS3 and Xbox 360 received.
6 vehicles: T20, Chino, Coquette BlackFin, Brawler, Vindicator, Toro.
2 weapons: Marksman Pistol, Knuckledusters.

The Freemode Events Update - September 15, 2015
This Update introduced the Freemode Events, as well as the Rockstar Editor on PS4 and Xbox One.

Lowriders - October 20, 2015
This Update added Benny's Original Motorworks.
2 vehicles: Faction, Moonbeam (as well as new Custom versions of existing vehicles).
2 weapons: Machine Pistol, Machete.

Halloween Surprise - October 29, 2015
Time-limited Update that added several new masks, and the Slasher Adversary Mode.
2 vehicles: Franken Stange, Lurcher.
1 weapon: Flashlight.

Executives and Other Criminals - December 15, 2015
This Update added the Yachts, the VIP feature, new Freemode Events and Challenges, the Stilt Houses and new apartments.
11 vehicles: Turreted Limo, Schafter LWB, Schafter V12, Nightshade, Mamba, Verlierer, Cognosenti, Cognosenti 55, Baller LE, Baller LWB, SuperVolito.
2 weapons: Heavy Revolver, Switchblade.

Festive Surprise 2015 - December 21, 2015
Time-limited Update. Snow was present on GTA Online for a few days around Christmas and the New Year.
1 vehicle: Tampa.

The January 2016 Update - January 28, 2016
This Update added the Drop Zone Adversary Mode, and the possibility to customise the Sultan and Banshee at Benny's.

Be My Valentine - February 10, 2016
1 vehicle: Roosevelt Valor.

Lowriders: Custom Classics - March 15, 2016
This Update added the SUMO Adversary Mode.
2 vehicles: Virgo Classic, Faction Donk (as well as new Custom versions of existing vehicles).
2 weapons: Double Barreled Shotgun, Compact Rifle.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony - June 7, 2016
This Update added the CEO feature, the offices and the warehouses.
10 vehicles: Benefactor XLS, FMJ, Reaper, Windsor Drop, Bestia GTS, Rumpo Custom, Brickade, Nimbus, Volatus, Tug.

25 free Content Updates, which added 90 new vehicles, 23 new weapons, and countless new gamemodes and features.













- 「GTAオンライン:極秘空輸」のトレーラー公開
- 「GTAオンライン:極秘空輸」配信開始
- Social Clubイベント「 #SMUGGLERS 」(「極秘空輸」):Tシャツ解除、コンテストなど
- 「GTAオンライン」にデュボーシー ラピッドGTレトロが新登場、今週のボーナスなど
RM-10 ボンブーシュカと敵対モード「飛べ!ボンブーシュカ」が「GTAオンライン」に登場
- 今週の「GTAオンライン」:ハワード NX-25登場 + 最新のゲーム内ボーナス
「GTAオンライン」にマンモス モーグルと敵対モード「エア・キャプチャー」が新登場、航空機関連のディスカウントなど
「バッキンガム パイロ」新登場、「車両乱戦」でGTAマネー&RP2倍など



グランド・セフト・オートV 【CEROレーティング「Z」】 (「特典」タイガーシャークマネーカード(「GTAオンライン」マネー$20万)DLCのプロダクトコード 同梱)
グランド・セフト・オートV 【CEROレーティング「Z」】 (「特典」タイガーシャークマネーカード(「GTAオンライン」マネー$20万)DLCのプロダクトコード 同梱)

PlayStation 4 Pro MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD LIOLAEUS EDITION【限定】 オリジナルマイクロファイバークロス 付
PlayStation 4 Pro MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD LIOLAEUS EDITION【限定】 オリジナルマイクロファイバークロス 付