Forza Horizon 4 Trailer Recreated in GTA 5! Forza Theft Auto 4
『Grand Theft Auto V(GTA5)』で2018年10月2日に発売を迎える新作オープンワールドレースゲーム『Forza Horizon 4』の公式トレイラーを忠実に再現した注目のファンメイド映像。

Grand Theft Speed』や『Grand Theft Auto VI Fan Made Trailer』でお馴染みの映像制作者"RavenwestR1"が作成。


Here it is! The long awaited video! Forza Horizon 4 Trailer Recreated in GTA 5! Forza Theft Auto 4! As I would like to call it.

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This video took forever to make but I like doing it because this the original trailer is soo good. My second favourite Forza trailer after Forza Horizon 2 launch trailer and it's because of song. The song is so uplifting that makes you always feeling excited everytime you play the video.

Continue sing after me everyone..
I can see for miles and miles and MILES AND MILES AND MIIILEEESSS

I hope you guys like it as much as I like making it and please don't forget to give a like subscribe and share this video to all of your friends, to the internet, to reddit, discrod, forums all of them!

Mods :

Natural Vision Remastered by Rzed 

Simple Native Trainer by Sjaak327

VisualV by _CP_ & robi29 

US Navy LCAC Hovercraft by SkylineGTRFreak 


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