NEW Street Tuners DLC Content Coming In GTA Online After Hours DLC - The FINAL 2018 Update & MORE!
Grand Theft Auto V(GTA5/GTAオンライン) : DLC「ナイトライフアップデート/2/3」(パッチ1.44)が配信開始、パッチ1.44の未実装コンテンツのうち新しいボディーペイントがいつ実装されるのかは全く持って不明、ボディーペイントが実装される自動車のタイプから将来的に「ストリートレースアップデート」が配信される可能性を伝える"MrBossFTW"のインフォメーション動画。



My justification for this order goes like this:

-Stafford: It's featured in a Tale of Us mission from what I heard. We're also getting liveries for it.

-Blimp: Makes sense to give us that first. We need to do 10 management missions to unlock a trade price for it too, and who hasn't gotten that yet lol

-Freecrawler: This is the only non-meme/militarized vehicle left (aside from the cars we of course never saw before idk what you're talking about). Wonder if it'll feature in The Black Madonna mission, I didn't and will not look at the spoilers so I dunno.

-Skip: All DJ's are out the way, might as well take a break. The rest of the skips would be because Rockstar logic or something idk

-Menacer: Basically an Insurgent if it was made out of Legos or in Minecraft. Least interesting of the bunch, might as well get it out the way first since nobody asked for it.

-Scramjet: Looks like a Halloween vehicle to me, but idk. Inb4 dumb memes ensue.

-B-11 Strikeforce: It's one of the most requested brrrt-sounding vehicles. It makes sense for Rockstar to do this to us. (Remember the Hunter?)

-Terrorbyte & Broomstick: If there's something we can expect from Rockstar is that they're going to dripfeed chaos and griefing tools last. Like the P-996 LAZER.

-Futo & Ruiner: Now it's getting difficult since idfk what are they doing now. This one I can't explain.

-Hearse: Falls perfectly on Halloween week.

-Rest of the content: I wouldn't put it past Rockstar to dripfeed existing content last.

-Patriot: It would make sense to release the Patriot on that specific week because, well, Thanksgiving? Patriot? Hello?




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