NEW Heist DLC Update Coming To GTA Online Soon? Casino Heist Missions Found In GTA 5 Files & MORE!
Grand Theft Auto V : DLC「ナイトライフアップデート/2/3/4/5/6/7」(パッチ1.45)配信後、「強盗アップデート」のPart2は既に配信されている、データの上では「強盗ドゥームズデイ」の扱いは完全に強盗Part2(Heist Part 2=H2)であり、次に強盗をテーマにしたアップデートが配信される際は、「強盗ドゥームズデイ Part2」または「強盗」を冠した別のアップデート名になる。著名なリーク者"WildBrick142"が投稿した話題のコメントを伝える"MrBossFTW"のインフォメーション動画。




There were some hashes related to heists 2 they were numbered 1-7 rc_heist2_1 and so on, it could be for heists part 2 as the doomsday heist were in the files mpcristmas2017 which means its totally diferent than heist2 hashes

You're probably here from a XXII video. Copy-pasting bits of my comment from there before more people are confused,


Heists 2 is The Doomsday Heist, and the DLC pack names have nothing to do with it. There are a few things that prove this:

-h2cut.gxt2: Cutscene subtitles for TDH. h2cut = heist 2 cutscene

-dialoguecharacters.meta: All new characters added with TDH are prefixed with "H2". eg "H2AVON", "H2_MRS_R", "H2_BOGDAN", etc. I don't think I need to explain what that means.

-mpstatssetup.xml: Some stats added with TDH: "SC_SET_HEIST2_PROGRESS", "HEIST2_SESSION_ID_MACADDR", "HEIST2_SESSION_ID_POSTIME". (Some stats also refer to it as "gangops", that was the original idea, something similar to Covert Ops/Special Vehicle Missions, before it was turned into a heist.)


Those strings (or hashes, whatever) refer to the music score added with those DLC's that (by Rockstar) can be used to set the music tracks for whatever job they're making in Creator (RC = Race Creator, but that doesn't mean it's exclusive to it). Apart from a few inconsistencies, the amount of strings matches the amount of songs added. This is most likely a dev feature left behind in the final build.

-Heists: 8 tracks, 7 strings

-Executives: 8 tracks, 8 strings

-Business: 4 tracks, 3 strings

-Lowrider: 11 tracks, 11 strings

-Biker: 13 tracks, 13 strings

-Import/Export: 6 tracks, 6 strings

-Gunrunning: 12 tracks (excluding 1 duplicate), 12 strings

-Smuggler: 9 tracks, 9 strings

-Heists2/TDH: 7 tracks (excluding the 6 prep variations that are duplicates anyway), 7 strings

-Assault/SSASSS: 4 tracks, 4 strings


If it'd say "heist3", yeah, that'd be a reason to get hyped.

Too bad I think it will never happen because it will require a lot of efforts with the casino interiors.

Casino Heist was going to be SP DLC. I'm pretty sure they have all the assets they could easily bring back just sitting there on their hard drives. I won't be surprised if the drone and client missions (specifically the Lifeinvader one) are SP DLC content since one of the missions involved a drone (and IAA).






But before they start bringing back cut content, I want them to focus on the most overlooked part of the game, with a massive amount of potential to it



Mysterious hashes added and Heists 2 hashes,update is coming?

GTA Online: Doomsday Heist Part 2 Coming This December? + More OP Broken Vehicles Releasing? (Q&A)


使う道具は変わっても、昔ながらの狩りのスリルはいつの時代も変わりません。開拓時代の祖先たちは射撃の腕を振るい、今を生きるあなたたちは戦闘用の装甲車に乗るのです。彼らは目隠しをしてもライフルを分解できる技術を身に着けていましたが、今は技術者が上部に50口径のミニガンと、前向きのマシンガンを搭載してくれます。今すぐウォーストック・キャッシュ&キャリーでHVY メナサーを手に入れて敵を圧倒すれば、祖先たちも誇らしく思うでしょう。



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