Grand Theft Auto V(GTA5/GTAオンライン) : Rockstar Gamesが概要を公表した「カジノアップデート」の配信日は?2019年6月27日(木曜日)に配信開始という噂に著名リーク者"Tex2"が再び触れる、品質とバグのジレンマに悩むゲーム開発者たちの過酷な事情も、話題のコメントを紹介する"Saintsfan"のインフォメーション動画。



The recent background update we received didn't fix the god mode glitch, it fixed part of it but not all of it.

A new fix is planned for this upcoming week, and I assume they want to fix almost every god mode glitch to ensure none of those glitches appear when the team is under heavy QA process.

QA process takes about 2 to 3 weeks to finish, so June 27th is unlikely to be the release date as most people assume it to be.







Having lots of money doesn't mean you can find the best developers, the recruiting process may find the good people but not the best of them.

Keep in mind, game development is a harsh environment.

In that industry, the best of the best can only keep up what a gamer refer to as a "good update" that means new features and no issues with them.

That's because game services don't offer devs much of time to fix bugs in general, 3 to 4 months is great but during that time, new content is being made which means more bugs to fix. In every update notes, we find like 50 or 100 fixes to bugs and each one takes like a day or two to fix (there are classes of bugs, Class A bug takes months to fix while the lower classes don't take that much).

When it comes to GTA Online, the game is barely holding it up together and R* is pushing new content in the face of the bugs that arise due to new changes.

It's kind of crazy when you think about it, take RDR2 for example, the devs took 8/7 years to make that and you could consume it in a matter of weeks or even days if you are crazy to play it 24/7 


GTA Online is dead but R* still keep pushing it, and I mean that in terms of the quality.

R* way of balancing content is by introducing new content that overpower the old content. The same apply to their way of fixing bugs.

When R* introduced darts and arm wrestling to MC Clubhouses, they had to make new scripts for them that are different from the original ones.

R* copied/pasted the carmod script 8 times, resulting in 8 scripts that are literally the same except each one is assigned for a specific mechanic.

When the game execute the script for Arena Mechanic, it use half of it while the other half is kept there with no use.

You have 5.44 MB worth of scripts that are basically the same. It's a nice way to avoid critical bugs, but performance wise it sucks.

The Doomsday Heist brought a new trend, the seats that are located in your facility, nightclub and the arena have their own scripts to have you sit.

It's like R* ditched the original script that handle seats and decided to come up with new scripts.

"Seats Mk2" everyone. 


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