Grand Theft Auto V(GTA5/GTAオンライン) : DLC「カジノアップデート」パッチ1.48/バージョン1.29が配信開始(公式アナウンス①/////)、一日に一度だけ回せるラッキールーレットの「ミステリー賞品」で当選する"服装リスト"が"乗り物リスト"に続き流出、話題の情報を紹介する"MrBossFTW"のインフォメーション動画。




                       [Doomsday Heist Update]:
Tiger Scuba
Extreme Strike Vest
Mid Strike Vest
Splinter Gorka Suit
Black Plate Carrier
Chamois Plate Carrier
Blue Tactical Blouson
                        [Smuggler's Run Update]:
Sprunk Racing Suit
The Reconnaissance Outfit
OJ Shortsleeve
Multicolor Leaves Shortsleeve
Black Dotted Shortsleeve
Red Patterned Shortsleeve
Red Mist XI Dark Tee/T-Shirt
LS Jardineros Dark Tee/T-Shirt
Liberty Cocks Dark Tee/T-Shirt
Aqua Camo Rolled Tee
Black No Retreat Tank
Red Smuggler Tank
Blue Hit & Run Tank
Mustard Güffy Tank
                        [Import/Export Update]:
Neon Bodysuit
The Puff Outfit
Woodland Camo Open Parka
Primary Squash Hoodie
Purple Camo Bigness Hoodie
Bold Abstract Bigness Hoodie
Orange Squash Hoodie
White Güffy Hoodie
Splat Squash Sweater
Lime Longline Hoodie
Bold Camo Sand Castle Sweater
Cyan Manor Sweater
Bold Abstract Bigness T-Shirt
Neon Leaves Güffy T-Shirt
White Bigness T-Shirt
                        [Bikers Update]:
The Chimera Outfit
Ox Blood Patched Cut
Red Boating Blazer
Black Baggy Hoodie
Angels of Death Vivid Tee
Nagasaki White and Red Hoodie
Western Logo Black Tee
                        [Cunning Stunts Update]:
White Racing Suit
Blue Jock Cranley Suit
Italian Biker Suit
Pegassi Racing Jacket
Slalom Motocross
Candy Motocross
Power Motocross
Drive Motocross
Steel Horse Satin Jacket
                        [Heists Update]:
The Hazard Outfit
Black Heavy Utility Vest
The Vespucci Outfit
The Pincer Outfit
The Slick Outfit
Stealth Utility Vest
Tan Hooded Jacket
Forest Camo Battle Vest
Death Defying T-Shirt
Showroom T-Shirt
                        [Gunrunning Update]:
The Gunfighter Outfit
Contrast Camo Service Shirt
Black Service Shirt
Brushstroke Combat Shirt
Red Combat Shirt
Flecktarn Sleeveless Shirt
Wine Sleeveless Shirt
Cobble Sleeveless
Dark Woodland T-Shirt
Black Ammu-Nation Hoodie
                        [ILL-Gotten Gains Update]:
Hunter Leather Fur Jacket
Gold Shiny T-Shirt
Angelica T-Shirt
Color Geo T-Shirt
Fake Santo Capra T-Shirt
                        [After-Hours Update]:
Color Geo PRB Leather Open
Orange Big Cat Open
Vivid Gradient Puffer
Vibrant Gradient Shortsleeve
Urban Gradient Shortsleeve
White Chevron SC Track
Blue Savanna Shortsleeve
Green Didier Sachs Open Field
Tutti Frutti Pattern Sweater
Tropical Pattern Sweater
Black Sports Blagueurs Hoodie
Pink SN Hoodie
Neon Leaves Güffy Hoodie
Red Floral Sweater
Black & Red Bigness Jersey
White & Red Bigness Jersey
White Manor Zigzag T-Shirt
                        [ILL-Gotten Gains Part 2 Update]:
Color Geo Sweater
Color Diamond Sweater
Classic SN Print Sweater
Le Chien Print Sweater
                        [Further Adventures in Finance and Felony Update]:
The Buzz Outfit
SecuroServ 1 Outfit
Regal Loose Shirt
White Flying Bravo Hoodie
Beige Turtleneck
Bahama Mamas T-Shirt
                        [Last Team Standing Update]:
Black Combat Top
                        [Lowriders Update]:
Double P Baseball Shirt
White Benny's T-Shirt
                        [Lowriders Custom Classics Update]:
Red Bold Check
Hinterland Ship Sweater
Black Dense Logo Sweater
Hinterland Nugget T-Shirt
                        [I'm Not A Hipster Update]:
Cat T-Shirt
Waves T-Shirt
                        [Arena War Update]:
Grotti Tee
                        [Halloween Surprise Event]:
Butchery and Other Hobbies Tee/T-Shirt
                        [Independence Day Update]:
J Lager Beer Hat
                        [Festive Surprise Event]:
Unicorn Mask
Gingerbread Mask
                        [The Diamond Casino & Resort Update]:
White The Diamond Hoodie
Black The Diamond Hoodie
Ash The Diamond Hoodie
Gray The Diamond Hoodie
Red The Diamond Hoodie
Orange The Diamond Hoodie
Blue The Diamond Hoodie
Black The Diamond Silk Robe
White The Diamond Cap
Black The Diamond Cap
White LS Diamond Cap
Black LS Diamond Cap
Red The Diamond Cap
Orange The Diamond Cap
Blue LS Diamond Cap
Green The Diamond Cap
Orange LS Diamond Cap
Purple The Diamond Cap
Pink LS Diamond Cap
White The Diamond LS Tee
Black The Diamond LS Tee
Black The Diamond Resort LS Tee
White The Diamond Resort Tee
Black The Diamond Resort Tee
Black LS Diamond Tee
Black D Casino Tee