Grand Theft Auto V(GTA5/GTAオンライン) : DLC「カジノアップデート」配信後、今後のアップデートで登場すると噂のゲームモード"警察と泥棒"(Cops N Crooks)について著名なリーク者"Tez2"が語る。








話題の情報を紹介する" MrBossFTW"のインフォメーション動画。


Neo, Stromberg, Krieger, Gauntlet Hellfire are now confirmed to be upcoming casino podium vehicles, alongside the ones we are already getting.

Cops n Crooks coming back was just a guess, what we are aware of is that Rockstar is preparing a new type of free mode or making huge changes to the current one.

This is pretty much what we are aware of, Rockstar is changing how the freemode script is requested, from direct request to "go through a list" and the list only has freemode script for now,

They made changes to how the script check the number of players, it used to be a fixed number but now it request a function to check how many players are allowed to play in the session. Instead of 30 players, it could be 16 players or 10 players ..etc

All of this confirm Rockstar is changing stuff related to freemode, what I would assume to be a new type of freemode OR it could be like one of the members suggested, custom freemode lobbies.

I looked more into this, I might not be right about this but it seems like Rockstar is disabling the on-call feature for this new free mode.

A new type of free mode with limited amount of players and on-call is disabled ? Sounds more like an adversary mode.

I'm more leaning towards Cops n Crooks at this point.

It's like an adversary mode but in a freemode, just like the Arena.

The Arena is basically an adversary mode, but it has more detail put into it than other modes. What I talked about would function the same.

Adversary modes restrict you to certain vehicles so this new mode will work the same.

I can't explain it in perfect detail because all of this is just a bunch of theories/guesses merged together, so I look at what is there in the code and try to guess how it would work.

Going over what we found,

1- Rockstar is trying to change how the freemode script is requested thus it's possible we may get a new script that will function like freemode but with some changes.

You know how Rockstar can't change "old code" ? Well, their way of fixing that is to come up with new scripts that would function the same but with new code.

The mini-games you can launch in your Biker Clubhouse like the Arm Wrestling and Darts ? They have new scripts made just for them, because Rockstar can't mess with the old one.

Have you noticed any significant changes ? Nope, same mini-games but different location.

So the possible changes coming to freemode that I talked about will be the same, it could be a big list of changes or minor changes, could be Cops n Crooks OR custom freemode lobbies (like you can disable/enable certain vehicles or weapons ..etc)


2- We found out that it is possible the number of players in this new freemode will be adjustable, so the session may be limited to 16 players or 8 players or even less.

This feature would work well with either Cops n Crooks or custom freemode lobbies, or completely unrelated this new update could introduce roles like criminal-related roles.

You know how R* had problems with Heists because of the roles given to the players ? For example, they had problems with the gateway driver role.

In the single-player version, the gateway driver will be waiting for you outside, but try to imagine yourself in the same position, it will be so boring.

Heck that's why people hate Flecca Job, because you may end up with a player who suck at hacking and you'll stay there watching him try to hack it multiple times.

With this in mind, the limitation of how many players can play in this new freemode, is possibly because each player will play as part of a team with a given role, so they can't let one team outnumber another team.


3- Just recently, I found out that in this new mode, you won't see the icons for missions, races, minigames such as Tennis / Arm Wrestling ..etc

This further suggest this new freemode is gonna be a mode rather than what most people think of it as a better version of the current freemode.


With all of this in mind, Cops n Crooks seem highly possible to be the next update, but this all speculation.

This may not be the answer to your question, or my answer is too vague, but this is just because I really don't know what's coming in the next update, all I know are the three points I have stated.



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